NEXTCOMIC Competition 2011

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NEXTCOMIC Competition 2011

NEXTCOMIC Online Contest for young people and young talents:
NEXTCOMIC Linz and the French Cultural Institute in Vienna present:

“Bon Voyage – NEXTCOMIC Online Wettbwerb” sponsored by MIC
Send us your comic or manga about travel experiences, travel records
and travel fiction.

Cat. 1: When you travel or go on holiday, you will experience many
things ? also for fiction stories – Tell, or better draw, us your story!
Cat. 2: “Linz special”: “Destination Linz” Draw us your comics or
manga from / to / in Linz / Austria
Submissions have to be registered online at (and uploaded)
01.07.2010 – 02.01.2011 (closing date)
1-4 page(s) of comic reportage
A4 portrait, native language, English or French.
A4 format, jpeg / 300 dpi
Participation age: starting from 12 years

The main prize is a trip to Linz / Austria to the NextComic festival
2011 – in cooperation with Linz Tourism
A flight to Paris, donnated by the French Cultural Institute in
Vienna, which is subject to price and term conditions.
Other prizes: packages of comic, manga books, and more.
The winners will be proudly presented at the NextComic festival 2011
(4th – 11th March 2011) in Linz / Austria in the OK Center for contemporary art

Organisation unit: OK , lin-c Kunstverein / NextComic Festival –
Chairman Gottfried Gusenbauer
Deadline: 1st February 2011
Age: from 12 years
Cat.1: Bon Voyage – manga and comic travel experiences
Cat.2: Linz special – destination Linz

Members of jury:

Martin Erasmus – Vienna Comic Stock Exchange
Christoph Haderer – scherz und schund Fabrik
Julia Kofler – scherz und schund Fabrik
Jürgen Hoog – Manga and Anime community MACO
Michaela Konrad – Fine. Artist – cartoonist
Sibylle Küblböck + Gottfried Gusenbauer – NC

Nominations: A total of 10 posts will be nominated per category, whose
subscribers will be informed written. The names of the nominees and
the winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on 04/03/2010 at
the opening of the NextComic 2011 festival
All submissions must be family safe.
The drawings in both black and white or in color have to be in European or
Japanese reading direction and A4 portrait format.
The competition is aimed primarily at young talents and not at
professionals (interior designers living for most of your comic work)
The contributions must not have been published by a publisher.
The jury will be presented in August 2010 online.
The participating artists may not have any contractual work included
(against remuneration) published by a publisher, or getting a regular fee
for publishing in magazines or books. An Exceptions to this rule is to attend
one-time fan projects or non-commercial publications.
Allowed is: All painting and drawing techniques, team work, computer
Processing/post-processing and coloration.
By entering the contest, each participant agrees that a competitive work without separate compensation to the internet
site, or special print edition on occasion of the competition and
in an exhibition during 2011 Linz NextComic may be reproduced, published
or distributed.
The duplication, publication and dissemination of the projects under
the legal maximum picture and audio reportages of current events
by radio and film and in newspapers or magazines are also not entitled
to compensation.
The decision is final. Each contestant warrants that he possesses the
Necessary rights to participate in its submitted work. With the
submission of projects the registered respondents recognize the above
conditions of the NextComic Online competition.